Adventure Portal

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Adventure Portal is a website that helps University of Hawaii at Manoa students find different activities and adventures to do around the island. This was developed as a final project with two of my classmates from my ICS 314, Software Engineering class. The app allows users to specify what their interests are and they can also search and filter all of the different adventures based on tagged interests. The app also lets users add their own adventures that other users can browse through and join.

For this project, my responsibilities were creating the User Profile Page, the Edit Profile Page, the detailed Adventure Page, and the Find Adventure page. I also implemented a feature that allows users to save their favorite adventures to their profile. I also worked on connecting the database to the user’s profile page and the Find Adventures Page. A screenshot of the user profile page can be seen below.

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Working on this project helped me learn project management skills through GitHub. We would create different “issues” on our GitHub repo for each feature we wanted to implement on this project. We set three different Milestones with hard deadlines and assigned different issues to each Milestone, and any issues that weren’t completed by the Milestone deadline were pushed back to the following Milestone. I feel like this process of issue-driven development is really useful as it allows the developer to have a more focused approach to each task, since an issue is only assigned to one developer. Also, having hard deadlines is really useful to stay on task and practice better time-management. For the most part, although this seemed like a huge undertaking at first, we were able to get through it fairly smoothly because we communicated any problems we had early on and helped each other work through it.

The organization homepage with user guide, developer guide, screenshots, and a timeline of the project development can be found at:

A link to our source code can be found here.