A New Beginning

New Year, New…..Site

I’m currently in the process of updating the look of my site. I’m working on creating a clean page for projects with sections for different topics/technologies and also nice way of displaying my blog posts. I eventually want to add tags to my projects and posts and include a way of viewing all of those tags, but that will come later. I’m still trying to relearn my way around HTML, CSS, and Jekyll.

The following are features I want to include for my site:

  • Project Page
    • List of all projects
    • Different sections for different technologies used/different topics
  • Blog Page
    • Nice way of displaying blog posts. (What’s nice?)
  • Tags
    • List of all the tags for posts and projects
    • Click on any tag to jump to all the posts/projects with that tag

Hopefully I can finish all of this before the end of the week.

Future Plans

I hope to use this site not only for my portfolio, but also to document and record my progress on different projects/online courses on my path to becoming a Data Scientist. I hope to post a blog post at least every couple of days.

That’s all for now!